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Fast or slow decisions!

What does the Nobel price winner Kahneman have in common with marketing and brands? How instinctively are our decisions and why are some decisions fast and some slow? Read our article that takes the support of Kahneman’s conclusions on fast and slow decision making. Be inspired by how your brand can enable your customers’ instinct in faster decision makings.

Millward Brown’s Digital and Media Predictions for 2016

Read the topline summaries or download the full report AND join the webinar on February 2nd for a live expert presentation.   Addressable TV advertising, augmented reality marketing, micro-moments and mobile-first marketing – what does it all mean for brands?   Millward Brown’s annual digital and media predictions look at what’s new and what’s next … Read more…

Closer partnership with Kantar

Monday January 11th 2016: We are delighted to announce to our clients, contacts and the rest of the world that Kantar has acquired a majority stake in Millward Brown Nordic. Kantar is the data investment management division of the WPP plc composed of leaders in the market research and insights business. We will keep the Millward … Read more…