Do Men and Women Respond Differently to Ads?

While at an overall level, men and women give similar ratings to ads, they respond differently to individual ads. Men are more likely to enjoy ads featuring humor, distinctive creative styles, and sexual imagery, while women are more likely to enjoy ads featuring children or a slice of life.

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In the example of the ‘Seduction’ spot for Fiat 500 enclosed Link™ (a Preview testing tool of Millward Brown) showed that men focused on the model and found the ad highly enjoyable while engaging, yet only moderately motivating and weakly branded.
Women showed a less positive response, with some finding the ad demeaning and sexist. Facial Coding added that although women were less positive, they did find the ad funny – the negative responses were more considered and secondary reactions which started to come through with repeated viewing. Limited persuasion was driven by the product (car) itself for either men & women.

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