Founding Father Stopped by for Lunch this Week

Last week, Gordon Brown and his wife Jackie stopped by the Copenhagen office for lunch. Gordon Brown is the Brown in Kantar Millward Brown and it was a great honor and privilege to give him a tour of the company. Together with Maurice Millward, Gordon Brown established the company in in Royal Leamington Spa in 1973.
Gordon was responsible for managing corporate learnings about advertising and the development of the pre-test LINK™ – the evaluation tool of the world’s leading advertisers. Last year the number of Link projects conducted globally exceeded 150,000 in 109 countries.
The most interesting thing about it all is, however, that Gordon Brown who has been retired since 1994 still loves the work! His eyes twinkled and lit up as we presented him to our ways of working and the latest solutions. Advertising and the love of data still run passionately in his veins. In fact, he and Jackie are considering moving from their home in the south of England back to the Midlands where it all began. Why? To get closer to their adult children and once a Millward Brown Man, always a Millward Brown Man and so, the Midlands are a good place to be.
Thanks for visiting, true passion is truly inspiring.

Gordon Brown and his wife Jackie enjoyed the view of Copenhagen City Centre from our rooftop.

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