How teens use social media

If you want to know the future of technology and its impact on society, study how teenagers interact with one another. Teenagers are digital natives, navigating in a complex and sophisticated world that most of us do not fully understand. Yet, teens are a highly interesting target group to many companies. Their behavior as consumers is radically different from what we see in other target groups and they may seem unpredictable and difficult to reach. At Millward Brown Sweden, we have set out to clarify and understand where teenagers interact online, how and why.

New qualitative study


We are currently performing a qualitative research study on teenagers and their use of social media. Our goal is to obtain new insights into teenagers’ interaction in social media. Online with smartphones, interacting, sharing, liking, smart chatting, hash tagging, streaming, sharing, uploading, downloading, commenting and performing digital multitasking intensively day and night.

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What is the single most important thing that comes to your mind when investigating teens and their use of social media? What do you think we will find, where are we heading? Please leave a comment below. We look forward to presenting you with our findings.

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