Is Google your new sales rep?

Millward Brown Health Care: New Syndicated Research Opportunity on GPs’ Information Seeking

Both OTC and pharma digital marketing opportunities are developing rapidly. The challenge for the marketers is to identify suitable connection points and optimise performance within those connection points. To stand out from the crowd and develop your digital marketing at the right pace, you need to know where the GPs are digitally. Millward Brown Nordic Health Care can help you to a better understanding of how the GPs go about their information seeking today.

How Digital are Danish and Swedish GPs in 2015?

Findings from a survey among GPs in the UK in 2008 and 2011 showed a rising importance and influence of digital communications channels in the workplace and a rapidly waning influence of sales reps. What is the similar situation in Denmark and Sweden in 2015? Just now, Millward Brown Nordic is planning to implement a syndicated research of GPs’ information seeking in Denmark and Sweden.

Need to know about GPs’ digital behaviour?

Please read more about content, price and timing of the new Nordic survey here. Deadline for sign up is March 26th.
For further information or access to the results of the survey, please contact Anne Stürup, Senior Consultant with Millward Brown Nordic Health Care at tel. +45 2047 5836 or write her an e-mail: She will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have and if you want to know how our research can strengthen you in your daily work.

Millward Brown Nordic Healthcare offers:

  • Comprehensive database (BrandZ) with research data, covering more than 1000 pharma brands within e.g. diabetes, oncology, bipolar disorder, epilepsy, AMD from e.g. US, France, Germany, Turkey, Japan, Canada
  • Qualitative and quantitative Research
  • Online and telephone interviews
  • Implementation of multi-country projects
  • Solving individual ad hoc issues in branding and communication research in the pharmaceutical and health care industry

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