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Avoid skipping of your video ad. And go all soft over the power of girls.


I have picked two awarding winning pieces of advertising, which I think are worth sharing. The first one, a Grand Prix Cannes Lion winner for the US car insurance company GEICO is interesting because it gives an example of how to play with the rules of digital video advertising. For example on YouTube where viewers are exposed to video ads before they can enjoy the specific content they came for. Whether they like it or not, they must watch the first 5 seconds of the ad after which they can either skip the ad or watch it to the end. Obviously most viewers skip the ad to get on with the content they came to see in the first place. Therefore, it is crucial for the ads to capture attention in the first 2-3 seconds and for the brand and message to well integrated right away.


GEICO is known for a playful communication style and here it makes a humorous play on the whole ad skipping phenomenon. A family is having dinner and the mom, serving dinner, says “Don’t thank me. Thank the savings. A voice over follows up stating “You can’t skip this GEICO ad, because it’s already over”! All within 5 seconds and with the happy family now frozen around the tabel.



The voice over follows up saying: 15 minutes could save you 15% on your car insurance.


At the same time a giant Saint Bernard dog jumps up on the table and eats its way through every bit of food laid out while the family members are trying to keep their frozen positions and a happy advertising smile. Throughout the ad a solid GEICO logo is on the screen, building saliency for the brand. The ad had more than 725,000 views during day 1 online.


The real meaning of “Like a girl”


In 2014 Procter & Gamble launched their Like a Girl campaign for Always which has now been awarded a Gold Lion. The campaign builds on the insight that many teenage girls feel society limits them. When someone says “you run like a girl” it is often meant as an insult. And for girls the expression “like a girl” used over and over can be devastating and erode their confidence in the longer run. With the campaign Always wants to redefine “Like a girl” to be an expression of strength and to empower girls to maintain confidence during puberty – and ever after. Watch the ad and see the interesting social experiment and research that fueled the campaign:



Right on! So, let’s all – boys and girls – work hard and keep finding new ways to create impactful advertising.


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