Coca-Cola Africa Lets Go Crazy

Over the years I have tested more than 500 advertising campaigns. Most of them have slipped my mind. Some of them I still remember and then there are the truly brilliant ones that I will probably never forget. I – like so many other marketeers – am always craving for great creative ideas. The ones that make a difference for the brand owners. Ideas that make people want to buy the brands simply because the advertising get under people’s skin.

Every month I will be sharing a great creative idea with you in the hope that you will enjoy 2 minutes of pure advertising bliss with me.


The Coca-Cola Company is a true believer in building brand love. Its “Let’s Go Crazy” campaign invites consumers via the campaign’s digital ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ app, Facebook and Twitter feeds to share examples of happiness and create happiness where they live. The campaign origins from Latin America and has been spread to other regions now.

Diagnostics from Millward Brown’s LINKTM test were used to guide local adaptations as the campaign stated moving beyond Latin America.

Facial coding (the implicit monitoring of consumers’ emotional expressions) highlighted the scenes and images that delivered the strongest emotional impact; these components were then amplified as key creative elements across the campaign. As an example, the TV ad features swings tied to various structures in a city. As this element elicited a strong emotional response, actual swings were placed throughout communities as a physical and branded reminder of the activation. In Latin America, the tested spot hit within the top 5% of all ads ever tested for Coke. Click here for the campaign example from Africa.

The campaign has driven an increase in brand love for Coca-Cola which was one of the campaign’s key business objectives. In 2014 it won a ARF Ogilvy Gold Award “Cross-Cultural Industry winner” Alcohol and Beverages.

I hope this leaves you craving for more. I will be sharing the next great creative idea with you in a month’s time.

Have a happy day.

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